sexta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2007

Código Comando Em Inglês

Para que os Camaradas Comandos possam além fronteiras apresentar o nosso Código a amigos estrangeiros e para que estes possam usufruir da beleza das palavras que o mesmo encerra, aqui vai esta pérola da prosa portuguesa(em Inglês):

The COMMANDO loves his HOMELAND devotely,and is always ready to make every sacrifice for it. A constante example of energy, love of work, dedication and loyalty to his leaders, he does not dispute the the orders he receives, nor does he tolerate or experience difficulties or impediments to their execution.

He removes all obstacles to the faithfull and exact execution of his duties, whatever the difficulties to which he must subject himself, without soliciting others to take on what it befalls him to do.

The COMMANDO practises comradship and tries to assure moral solidarity amongst all his brothers in arms; but he does not approve of indignity, nor disobedience, nor disrespect for the rules of discipline and honour. Always eager to help whoever needs his material assistance or his moral support, whether in peace or war, in the face of the enemy, he constantly asserts himself as a person of character.

The COMMANDO loves hs responsabilities. Always ready to command and eager to obey, he does not permit the suspection of his superiors having any intention of persecuting him, or humiliating him in any way. Because it is his constant concern to act as a true COMMANDO he has the surest and the purest faith in his leaders and commanders.

Always generous in victory and persistent in adversity, the true COMMANDO treats thoughtfully and kindly and encourages those who struggle and know to overcome all obstacles. He does not tolerate lying but respects the stoie and unselfish who serve without concern for payment of satisfaction of any kind of interests.

Character, loyelty, faithfulness, obedience and determination are the inalienable virtues of the COMMANDO. Irrespective of his atributes of knowledge, the COMMANDO who does not possess them or scorns them should be inexorably deprived of his title.

The COMMANDO does not flee from the danger, nor does he avoid situations that may cause him disconfort. Encharged with a mission, he uses all his means, all his physical, intelectual and moral powers, in its executions.

Alferes RC Infª "CMD" NIM 11986789
Paulo Jorge Duarte Garcia
Serviu Portugal nos COMANDOS de 21AGO89 a 09NOV92.

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Felix disse...

Seu grande maluco agora que vi as tuas fotos é que me lembro bem de ti,o Nazere estava na ci, não era?
Bem tenho passado por aqui todos os dias,e tenho gostado força camarada continua abraço

Paulo Garcia "Comando" disse...

Obrigado Felix, volta sempre amigo.

MRelvas disse...

Camarada Garcia...aqui vai o teu link para o meu blog!


Mário Relvas

MRelvas disse...

Garcia passa pelo meu blog e estás linkado,bem como tens lá o teu bolo!

Esmera-te,queremos cá vir com mais frequência e ver muitos textos!


Mário Relvas